Help us engage community leaders. Be an advocate. And be the driving force for change in our community.

When it comes to making positive change, there’s strength in numbers. By gathering the collective momentum of dedicated people, United Way of Monroe County can improve the lives of those in need in our community. Our four impact initiatives can — and will be — achieved when we come together as advocates. As a neutral and nonpartisan organization, United Way of Monroe County provides a strong voice for those in need in our area at a state and federal level.

Federal and State Impact

United Way is the largest privately-funded, non-profit network in the world. By mobilizing people to speak out, we can bring about change for the good of everyone.As a member of United Way Worldwide’s network of 1200 independent United Ways across the country, we have access to a wealth of best practices, tools and forums through which we can promote and advocate for issues that are most important to Monroe County. Click here to see what United Way is focusing on at a federal level.

As an active member of the United Way of Pennsylvania (UWP), United Way of Monroe County is fighting to make a difference in issues at a state level that affect our rural community. Whether it’s a large or small policy change, mobilizing people to speak out — in person or online — can make all the difference across our priority areas of education, health, financial stability and community strengthening. Click here to see what we are focused on at a state level.

Local Action

United Way of Monroe County recently launched Women United – a group of our community’s most accomplished women who have joined together to make a meaningful impact on our community through philanthropy, leadership, and volunteerism. To get involved in this action-oriented community group, contact Monica Cravotta, through our online contact form, here.

Together, we must speak out about the issues that face Monroe County. As we roll out our new impact initiatives we are developing public policy agendas for the most pressing issues affecting our community.

More than ever, we need your support as community advocates who can educate leaders and decision makers about the challenges facing our most vulnerable populations. Help us create strategies to address the challenges of Monroe County. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to Jennifer Strauch through our online contact form, here.